Social Media Management Services

We’re a social media management agency that utilises your social channels as part of an omnichannel approach. We’ll blend smart use of AI, data-driven analysis and nimble reactions to market conditions, ensuring your social media marketing strategy works alongside your wider digital goals such as digital PR and SEO.

Our social media management services is a part of the overall strategy and hands-on methodologies that we offer our clients to expose their services and products. You know that you need to have a strong presence on social media, it’s where all your customers hang out. You understand its importance and the potential it packs in terms of bringing new business and increasing brand awareness.


But who has time for that, right?


Managing social media effectively can take time out of your day time you know you could invest elsewhere. We definitely get you.


Press on It’s social team knows how handle social media marketing services for both small businesses and large enterprises. Let us handle your  social media management so you’ll get back to do what you do best…

Social media marketing has matured. The right social media management agency can help you drive sales, amplify audiences and gauge insight into how customers perceive you and your services. It’s simply impossible to ignore as a component of your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media should never be an afterthought or separate from your marketing; it should be an extension of it.


The right social media strategy can deliver numerous benefits whatever your marketing objectives. Our understanding of the social landscape means we will work with you to find the channels that add value to your business objectives. If a platform isn’t right, we won’t shoehorn them into a strategy that gives you a social presence but little else. 

Social media management is no rocket science, but it does require methodical work that over time gives you a huge ROI. In the past, we worked with businesses that knew how to swim in the social media waters. 


We are also experts in ensuring you ascertain the ultimate ROI, optimising efficiency for your campaigns. We deliver compelling content that resonates with organic and paid audiences, whilst we can leverage AI to develop agile automation as part of your PPC marketing plan.


Performance is always at the forefront of everything we do, and social media is no different.

Social media allows you to monitor your customers’ discussions around their needs and how that involves you and your competitors. This offers you the opportunity to shape that conversation, with the brand monitoring delivered by our social media management enabling you to improve your SEO, digital PR and content marketing.

A common misconception about social is that it’s a separate entity. It’s more powerful when aligned with the rest of your digital mix as part of an omnichannel strategy.

Like any discussion, social media is always more rewarding when combined with different voices, and we can help you align your social approach with your broader marketing plan.  

We are a social media advertising agency that harvest the insight gleaned from your socials to power the work we deliver across other disciplines such as lead generation, PPC and email marketing.

This unifies your message to be consistent in tone while adaptive in the medium. As attribution marketing becomes more and more integral to how businesses fulfil every touchpoint of the user journey, let us ensure every interaction your customer has improves their experience.

Observing the Conversation


We’re here to craft the perfect social media management strategy to exceed your needs and requirements. Engaging with your audience on social media is vital – you can achieve a 4.5% higher conversion rate through user-generated content from social platforms.   We understand the need for tactical social media marketing services that informs, engages and converts your audience. This nine-point process delivers those goals.

With your overall marketing strategies at the forefront, we’ll evaluate the success and strengths of your existing social platforms and identify the areas that need improvement. From this will become the foundations of a well-rounded, targeted social strategy. 

We compare your social presence to your competitors to ascertain the messages your customers will be receiving and make sure your strategy exceeds their strengths. From this point, we use our extensive knowledge of social media and your industry to give you an idea of where we can take your brand.

It’s essential you know precisely who your customers are and where to locate them for any marketing strategy. If you don’t already know your personas, we’ll help you understand who they are and how they operate across social media.

Numerous social channels are at your disposal, but they are likely not all right for your strategy. So whether it’s building intuitive shopping interfaces on Pinterest and Instagram, harnessing Facebook’s far-reaching targeting capabilities or utilising Twitter’s amplification quirks, we’ll identify the optimum platforms for your goals. 

Once we know which direction we need to take and who we want to target, we will compile a comprehensive, engaging social strategy to outline how to bring your brand alive on social media. For paid social strategies, we will outline proposed spend alongside estimated reach and engagement.

Once we finalise the strategy, it’s down to business. We will build campaign schedules with daily updates and bespoke media assets. We will also draft out any adverts we plan to run, including creatives, outlining how we see this existing alongside your existing social provisions.

The hard work starts here when all our research and development of your campaign strategy gets put into practice. You will still own your social networks – we will simply oversee the activity on your behalf.

As we work, your customers will tell us more and more about their experiences and expectations, data we use to optimise your strategy. We’ll set up automations that can nimbly react to customer behaviour in real-time, applying the findings across every channel.

We provide reports focused on metrics that apply to your specific KPIs. This is also around a schedule that best suits your needs, typically weekly or monthly. The rapid developments in social media mean we will alert you to significant trends as they happen. There will always be a dedicated account manager on call for any queries.

Channel Development and Community Management

Social’s capacity for growth is one of its core strengths, and we can provide services focused on expanding and developing each channel you select. In addition, the advances in machine learning make social scaling with authentic, engaged customers a realer prospect, and we are a social media management company that create campaigns that drive the volume of your audience.


We also utilise AI for community management, building sophisticated chatbots that lessen your support teams’ workload. This is also an excellent channel for developing customer data and insight to translate across any component of your omnichannel strategy.

We’d love to work with you on your project!

Get in touch with us and tell us your idea.

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